Graphene and other 2D systems

We aim at looking for new 2D structures with upstanding electronic properties. Graphene, doped graphene, graphene flakes,  carbonaceous 2D membranes or other 2D-adlayers are among the materials we study.


STM image of graphene grown on Pt(111).

Graphene on metals

We are investigating the structure of graphene on different metals to understand the coupling between substrate and 2D layer and the origin of the «moiré» patterns (coincidence networks).

Main article:  Strain-Driven Moiré Superstructures of Epitaxial Graphene on Transition Metal Surface.    Merino, M. Svec, A. L. Pinardi, G. Otero, and J.A. Martı́n-Gago.    ACS nano, 5, 5627-5634, 2011


Graphene on arbitrary surfaces

Our group is currently seeking new strategies for growing graphene directly on arbitrary surfaces or trying to reduce the strong interaction with the metal underneath. For this propose we  grow graphene by MBE techniques or we intercalate a buffer layer separating the graphene from the substrate.

Main article:  Graphene growth on Pt (111) and Au (111) using a MBE carbon solid-source I.Hernández-Rodríguez, JM García, JA Martín-Gago, PL de Andrés, J. MendezDiamond and Related Materials, 57, 2015, 58–62

Graphene functionalization and processing

Graphene functionalization with organics arises as a very promising route towards the development of graphene-based materials with tailored electronic properties. However, the high chemical inertness of graphene turns into very difficult task a controlled and selective covalent functionalization with aromatics.  we propose a new mechanism for promoting highly specific covalent bonding of any amino-terminated organic molecule and a description of the operating processes at the nanoscale.

Main article:

Highly Selective Covalent Organic Functionalization of Epitaxial Graphene, R. Bueno; José I. Martínez; R. Luccas; N. Ruiz del Árbol; C. Munuera; I. Palacio; F. J. Palomares; S. Thakur; J. M. Baranowski; W. Strupinski; M. F. López; F. Mompean; M. García-Hernández; J. A. Martín-Gago. Nat. Commun. 8, 15306 (2017)

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