On-surface synthesis

On surface synthesis is a new field  aiming at bottom-up assembly of molecular structures from its constituent molecular building-blocks. the process follows the following schematic representation:


See:  On-surface synthesis of cyclic organic molecules
Mendez, J; Lopez, MF; Martin-Gago, JA
Chem. Soc. Rev. 40, 4578-4590 (2011) DOI: 10.1039/C0CS00161A

POLYCYCLIC AROMATICS On-surface molecular engineering
Martin-Gago, JA
Nat. Chem. 3, 11-12 (2011)

Main characteristics of on-surface synthesis: 

*Formation of new species and nanoarchitectures not available by conventional wet chemistry protocols

*Structures linked by stable bonds

*Use of UHV characterization and grow methodologies.

Our group is working in different aspects of on-surface synthesis:

Controlled synthesis of fullerenes and heterofullerenes on surfaces

We investigate on a highly efficient (∼100%) dehydrogenation mechanism leading to the formation of fullerenes from their corresponding planar polycyclic aromatic precursors by a surface catalysed process. We have use this process to form C60 ,and for the first time, triazafullerene C57N3 .

The cyclation process

Main article:   Fullerenes from aromatic precusrsors by surface catalysed cyclodehydrogenation.
G. Otero, G. Biddau, C. Sánchez-Sánchez, R. Caillard, M. F. López, C. Rogero, F. J. Palomares, M.A. Basanta, J. Ortega, J. Mendez, A. M. Echavarren, R. Pérez, B.Gómez-Lor and J. A. Martín-Gago
Nature 454 (2008) 856

Role of the surface in heteroaromatic on-surface chemistry.

We described a competition between cyclo-dehydrogenation and dehydrogenative polymerization mediated by the surface.



Main article:  Tailored formation of N-doped nanoarchitectures by diffusion-controlled on-surface (cyclo)dehydrogenation of heteroaromaticsce
A. L. Pinardi, G. Otero-Irurueta, I. Palacio, J. I. Martínez, C. Sanchez-Sánchez, M. Tello, C. Rogero, A. Cossaro, A. Preobrajenski, B. Gomez-Lor, A. Jančařík, I. G. Stará, I. Starý, M. F. López, J. Méndez y J. A. Martín-Gago
ACS Nano 7, (2013) 3676

Chemistry of aminophenol on metals

Aminophenol, a very simple molecule, with a very complex chemistry on surfaces.  We study the competitive interaction between the amino and hydroxyl groups to oxidize and form different structures on different surfaces.



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