Multilayer bi-phase magnetic microwires

A novel family of magnetic microwires has been recently introduced: multilayer magnetic microwires. They are of interest to be employed as sensing elements in devices, but also to more fundamental new studies on magnetic interactions.
They consist of a core (typically magnetic) prepared by quenching and drawing rapid solidification technique, and several concentric nano and microlayers (magnetic or not). They can be magnetically considered as single or two phase. Outer layers are prepared by electrodeposition either onto the magnetic core (in the case of water-quenched wires) or onto a metallic nanolayer previously sputtered onto the glass-coated shell (in case of glass-coated wires). Outer layer determines the magnetic state of the core by magnetoelastic coupling (through the stresses induced by them).
Additionally, magnetostatic coupling in bi-phase microwires gives rise to phenomena of fundamental and applied interest as: magnetostatic bias effect on the soft core so obtaining, spin-valve like hysteresis loops; or asymmetric giant magnetoimpedance and stress impedance.

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