The Multifrequency AFM conference series aims to provide the environment where the experts and the newcomers in force microscopy and nanomechanics share knowledge and expertise about instrumentation, methodologies and theoretical aspects on advanced force microscopy.

The Multifrequency AFM is open to any contributions describing novel developments in the any of the aspects of force microscopy (theory, experiment, applications, instrumentation, software).

Some of the topics highlighted in the 7th Multifrequency AFM Conference are

  • Nanomechanics
  • High resolution imaging of soft matter
  • 3D imaging solid-liquid interfaces
  • High speed force microscopy
  • Bimodal AFM
  • Cantilever dynamics
  • Multifrequency methods


The Multifrequency AFM 2018 will have a Symposium devoted to present latest results  on

Cell and Soft Matter Nanomechanics