Group Seminar: «Hole spin qubits manipulation with shortcuts to adiabaticity protocols», David Fernández

David Fernández, a MSC student in our group, will give a seminar entitled «Hole spin qubits manipulation with shortcuts to adiabaticity protocols», as part of the group seminars.

Date: June 8th, 2021, 10:30 h.

Location: online

Abstract: Hole spins in semiconductor QDs are also attracting significant attention as candidates for fast, highly co-
herent, spin qubits. They have long coherence time due to the weak hyperfine coupling to nuclear spins , and have demonstrated to have rapid operation times due to the inherently strong spin–orbit coupling (SOC), which also allows spin states to be controlled locally with electric fields applied to the gate electrodes.
Recently, Landau Zener Stückelberg Majorana spectroscopy on two-hole GaAs double quantum dot has been experimentally implemented. Motivated by these experiments, we investigate how to control and manipulate a spin qubit consisting on a triplet and a singlet hole state, by alternative driving protocols which reduce the otherwise unavoidable presence of charge noise. Shortcuts to adiabaticity (STA) are a set of techniques to reduce the duration of slow adiabatic processes, minimizing noise effects while keeping or enhancing robustness. Different driving protocols have been developed, which reduce the time of the process below characteristic decoherence times. Here we will consider the fast quasi-adiabatic (FAQUAD) approach and we will analyze its feasibility to manipulate hole spin qubits and compare with other alternative protocols.

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