Energy storage

  1. EMIMBF4 in ternary liquid mixtures of water, dimethyl sulfoxide and acetonitrile as “tri-solvent-in-salt” electrolytes for high-performance supercapacitors operating at -70 °C                                                                 X. Lu, J. M. Vicent-Luna, S. Calero, R. M. Madero-Castro, M. C.Gutiérrez, M. L. Ferrer, F. del Monte                                                                                       Energy Storage Materials 2021, 40, 368–385
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  3. Highly Efficient p-toluenesulfonic acid-based deep-eutectic solvents for cathode recycling of Li-ion batteries                                                            M. J. Roldán-Ruiz, M. L. Ferrer, M. C. Gutiérrez, F. del Monte                           ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2020, 8 (14), 5437–5445
  4. Aqueous-eutectic-in-salt electrolytes for high-energy-density supercapacitors with an operational temperature window of 100 °C, from _35 to +65 °C
    X. Lu, R. J. Jiménez-Riobóo, D. Leech, M. C. Gutiérrez, M. L. Ferrer, and F. del Monte
    ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020, 12 (26), 29181-29193