Sputtering Lab


Welcome to the sputtering lab website of our group. Here a complete and versatile set of equipment for fabrication of thin films and nanostructured materials by physical vapor deposition techniques is available to develop a large variety of research topics on nanoscience and materials science.
Labs: 001, 039 and 123  
Contact: cprieto at icmm.csic.es   


Prof. Carlos Prieto (head)

Dr. Félix Jiménez-Villacorta

Leo Álvarez- Fraga

Adrián Rodríguez Palomo


External users / Collaborators

Prof. Rafael Ramírez (U. Carlos III)

Dr. Jorge Sánchez-Marcos (U. Autónoma Madrid)


Preparation techniques

-       DC- and RF- magnetron sputtering.

-       Co-sputtering and sequential sputtering deposition.

-       Gas phase aggregation technique for nanoparticle deposition.

-       Low and high substrate temperature deposition.

-       Electron beam physical physical deposition.

-       Low-pressure chemical vapor deposition.


Research topics

-     Graphene-based and oxide transparent conductive materials (TCM).

-     Selective coatings for thermo-solar receivers.

-     Nanostructured magnetic materials.

-     Thermoelectric thin films.

-     Complex oxide thin films with multifunctional properties.

For a list of recent papers, please click here.



-    "Generación de electricidad mediante materiales termoeléctricos y recubrimientos selectivos solares, ¿pueden ser eficientes estos dispositivos?". (EXPLORA, MAT2014-61582-EXP). I. Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, (2015-2017). PI: C. Prieto

-   “New solar collector concept for high temperature operation in CSP applications” (HITECO), SP1-Cooperation Collaborative project FP7-ENERGY-2010-1 (European Commission, Grant Agreement No. 256830). PI: C. Prieto

-    “Graphene-based hybrid materials for optoelectronic properties” (MAT2012-37276) I. Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid (CSIC) (2013-2015). PI: A. de Andrés.    



- Vacuum chamber (Pfeiffer - PLS500) equipped with 3 magnetron sputtering sources and 4-boat electron-beam evaporator (6.08 kW), for sequential sputtering, co-sputtering and sputtering deposition at high substrate temperatures.


- DC- and RF- power sources for magnetron sputtering.

- High-vacuum flow-controlled furnace.

- Oven for target sintering and standard heat treatment.


- Cluster magnetron source for deposition of nanoparticles on substrate with controlled conditions; equipped with additional magnetron for sequential sputtering for fabrication of nanoparticle/film systems.

  - Home-made magnetron sputtering system for deposition/coating on pieces and substrates with non-standard geometry.
- Low-pressure chemical vapor deposition + Magnetron sputtering chamber for fabrication of graphene-based hybrid materials.


Previously, in the sputtering lab

Xavier Díez-Betriú

Eduardo Salas-Colera

Rocío Martínez-Morillas

Ana Espinosa

Eva Céspedes

Jorge Sánchez-Marcos

Mª Ángeles Laguna-Marco

Isabel Muñoz-Ochando

Mercedes Vila

Ángel Muñoz-Martín

Susana Taboada

Antonio Bernabé

Ramón Castañer


Phone: +34 91 349 000 (Ext. 001 y 039)