Optical Spectroscopies Lab

Responsible:   Alicia de Andrés 

Laboratories 033 y 035, ground flor ICMM, Tel: 91 334 90 00 ext. 035 and 91 334 90 16

Involved personnel:


Sandra Cortijo (PhD student)

Montse Aguilar Pujol 
Leo Álvarez (Post-doc)


Javier Bartolomé Vílchez (Post-doc) (UCM)

Leo Álvarez (PhD student)

Esteban Climent (Post-doc) (UPM)
Félix Jiménez Villacorta (Post-doc) (ESS Bilbao)

Xavier Déz-Betriu (PhD student)

Susana Álvarez (Post doc) (U. Hermosillo)
Ana Espinosa de los Monteros (PhD student) (IMDEA nano)
Javier Sánchez Benítez (PhD student) (UCM)
Laura Martín Carrón (PhD student) (QUASINFINITUM)
Susana Taboada (PhD student)


Raman and Photoluminescence

micro-spectroscopies and imaging

Temperature range: 10K to 500 K  Hydrostatic Pressure at room temperature: up to 100 kbar



Time resolved spectroscopies





 A pulsed laser (5 nsec) from EKSPLA provides the excitation light in the spectral range from UV (210 nm) to NIR (2300 nm). The scattered light is collected in with a Jobin-Yvon monochromator using a 1200 groves/mm grating for high spectral resolution or one with 150 groves/mm for high sensitivity. The detector is an ultra-fast intensified CCD camera (ICCD) which allows obtaining the whole spectral range (around 200 nm for the 150 gr/mm grating) as a function of the delay time from the laser excitation. Processes from 5 nsec up to seconds can be monitored. 

 The samples can be placed in an Oxford He flux cryostat (10 o 300 K) or in a high vacuum furnace (RT to 500ºC)