Other  Brillouin Spectroscopy Laboratories

“If you know other Brillouin spectroscopy labs do not hessitate to send us their Internet addresses” (rjimenez at

Group of Professor Dr. Jan Kristian Krüger at the University of Luxembourg in Luxembourg and European Laboratory of University Reserch Saar-Lorraine (LERUSL) in collaboration with the Laboratoire de Physique des Milieux Ionisés (LPMI) of the University Henri Poincaré in Nancy (France).

Group of Professor Doctor Burkard Hillebrands at the University of Kaiserslautern (Germany).

Group of Professor Doctor John Dutcher at the University of Guelph (Canada)

Laboratory of Glasses of the University of Montpellier2 (Dr. René Vacher – Directeur de Recherche- France)

Group of Professor Doctor J. D. Comins at the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa)

Dr. Marcos H. Grimsditch in the  Division of Materials Science Argonne National Laboratory (USA)

Professor Dr. Andrew Briggs Department of Materials of the Oxford University (England)

Group of Dr. Hans Sigg at the Paul Scherrer institut (Switzerland)

Brillouin Spectroscopy Lab of the National University of Singapore (Singapore)

Laboratory for Mechanical and Thermodynamical Properties of Materials of the University Paris North (13)(France)

Group of High resolution Optical Spectroscopy and related Techniques (GHOST) of the University Peruggia(Italy)

High Pressure Lab of the Earth Science Institute, Academia Sinica, Taipei (Taiwan)

High Pressure Minerals and Materials Science Laboratory of the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics
and Planetology
 (HIGP) SOEST of the University of Hawaii at Honolulu (USA)

Magnetics Group of the Colorado State University (USA)

Magnetodynamics Group (Dr. C. M. Schneider) in the Research Centre Jülich (Germany)

Structure and Dynamics of Condensed Matter Department (Dr. Johannes Wiedersich) of the Technical University Munich (Germany)

Non linear Magnetic Dynamics Group (Prof. Dr. S. O. Demokritov) of the University of Münster (Germany)

Group of Prof. Frédéric Caupin, Institute of Light and Matter, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1