arXiv favorites

This is a personal choice of recent arXiv papers that I find particularly appealing.


  • Realization of the Haldane Chern insulator in a moiré lattice, A realization of the Haldane model in a material. Not simple (moiré bilayer filled with two charge particles per unit cell !!)
    but a nice work.


  • Experimental signature of parity anomaly in semi-magnetic topological insulator, Measure of the 1/2 coefficient of the Hall conductivity  for a single massive Dirac fermion in 2D. Amazing experiment.


  • Generation of strain-induced pseudo-magnetic field in a doped type-II Weyl semimetal, Pseudomagnetic fields in 3D Weyl semimetals. Cool! A good year for the strain fans.
  • Room temperature strain-induced quantum Hall effect in graphene on a wafer-scale platform, levels from strain seen with ARPES in graphene.


  • Structural dimerization, electron correlations, and topological gap opening in isotropically strained graphene, arXiv:1804.04479. The ground state of isotropically strained graphene is a topological insulator.
  • Axial anomaly in multi-Weyl and triple-point semimetals,   arXiv:1803.01684. A very useful synthesis. Rigorous and intuitive.
  •  Experimental Observation of Acoustic Weyl Points and Topological Surface States ,   arXiv:1803.00828 . This article enlarges  the family of Weyl matter of non fermionic origin.
  • In-situ strain tuning of the Dirac surface states in Bi2Se3 films, arXiv:1807.00369. Strain engineering in a 3D material.
  • Observation of the nonlinear Hall effect under time reversal symmetric conditions, arXiv:1809.09279. A very interesting experiment on bilayer WTe2.