Students and friends

Students and friends 15 Feb. 2019

Belén Valenzuela 2002




  • Belén completed her PhD thesis on «Strongly correlated electrons in low dimensional systems» in 2002. She had a postdoc position in Guelph (Canada). Actually she has  a Senior Researcher position  at the ICMM and is a colleague in our group (and a friend).


Alberto Cortijo 2007















  • Alberto’s thesis was on «Electronic properties of graphene: Influence of topological disorder and interactions» in 2007. I believe that this was the first PhD thesis defended on graphene worldwide. Certainly, it was the first in Spain. Alberto has a postdoctoral position at the ICMM and is a colleague in our group (and a friend). He won the 2018 prize of the Spanish Royal Society of Physics for the best outridge paper.

Fernando de Juan 2009

  • Fernando’s thesis was on «The influence of morphology and long range interactions on the electronic properties of graphene» defended in 2010. After having had postdoctoral positions in Indiana, Berkeley, and Oxford, (he gained two Marie Curie grants), he has  a  position as Ikerbasque in the Donostia International Physics Center since the fall 2018. He  got the 2017 Young Researchers prize of the Spanish Royal Society of Physics. He is now a colleague and a friend.

Adolfo G. Grushin 2013

  •  Adolfo defended his thesis on «Topology and interactions effects in Dirac quasiparticle systems» in 2013.  Alberto Cortijo was a co-advisor. After two two-years postdoctoral stays at Max Plank (Dresden) and Berkey, he gained a permanent position in the CNRS (grenoble) ( He is now a colleague and a friend.

Yago Ferreiros 2016

  •  Yago defended his thesis on «Emergent gauge fields and topological effects in Dirac matter» in 2016 which I co-advised with Alberto Cortijo.  After a postdoctoral stay of two years in Nordita, Stockholm, he gained a CAM contract from the «Programa de atracción de talento» in 2018  and is now at IMDEA in Madrid. A colleague and a friend.

Vicente Arjona 2019

  • Vicente Arjona defended his thesis on «Novel thermoelectric and elastic responses in Dirac matter»  in  December 2019. He now does research on a private company.

Óscar Pozo 2018

  • Óscar Pozo was mentored by Fernando de Juan. I co-advised his thesis done in pandemia. He defended  his  thesis online  in December 2021.