Group Seminar: «Hole spin qubits manipulation with shortcuts to adiabaticity protocols», David Fernández

David Fernández, a MSC student in our group, will give a seminar entitled «Hole spin qubits manipulation with shortcuts to adiabaticity protocols», as part of...

Thesis Defense: «Quantum dynamics in low-dimensional topological systems»

On January 30th, we attended the Thesis Defense of one of our PhD students, Miguel Bello, entitled «Quantum dynamics in low-dimensional topological systems».  Abstract: The...

Seminar: «Probing the Quantum Mechanics of Many-Body Chaos», Klaus Ritcher

Klaus Ritcher, from Regensburg University, will give a seminar entitled«Probing the Quantum Mechanics of Many-Body Chaos», as part of the seminar series of the Theory...

5th School & Conference: «Spin-based Quantum Information Processing»

  The 5th School and Conference on Spin-Based Quantum Information  Processing (Spin Qubit 5) brings together world-leading researchers from the fields of solid state physics...

Floquet-Bloch Theory and Topology for Periodically Driven Lattices

Álvaro Gómez-León, Gloria Platero PRL 110, 200403 (2013) We propose a general framework to solve tight binding models in D dimensional lattices driven by ac...

Sublattice dynamics and quantum state transfer of doublons in two-dimensional lattices

Miguel Bello, Charles E. Creffield and Gloria Platero Phys. Rev. B 95, 094303 (2017).  We analyze the dynamics of two strongly interacting fermions moving in...

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Greetings, dear visitor! This is our research group webpage, "Novel platforms and nano-devices for quantum simulation and computation". Here you will find information about the research lines and the topics we work on, which mainly focus on the theoretical analysis of the electronic, topological and non-equilibrium properties of low-dimensional quantum systems. A research group is nothing but its members, those who keep it alive with their scientific contributions and personal interests. The history of the group is the history of those who were part of it. Check out the section "Our people" to learn about our current and former members and the frequent international collaborators we work with. If you fancy a new challenge and feel passionate about science, contact us. We are always glad to welcome new members.

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