Our group is devoted to the analysis of quantum coherence and quantum transport in nanoelectronic devices, in particular in quantum dot arrays, quantum nanowires and two dimensional systems. We focus our research on the following topics:

  • Quantum transport in quantum dot arrays and low dimensional systems:
      • Long range charge, spin and qubit transfer at the nanoscale.
      • Effect of hyperfine and spin orbit interactions: spin decoherence and relaxation.
      • Quantum transport of strongly correlated electrons.
      • Quantum charge and spin transfer in low dimensional systems with non trivial topology.
      • Energy and heat transport in quantum dot arrays. Quantum engines.
  • AC driven transport in nanostructures:
      • Topological properties of ac driven systems at the nanoscale.
      • Electron spin resonance in quantum dot arrays.
      • Electronic properties of irradiated graphene
      • Photoassisted long range charge, spin and qubit transport in nanostructures.
  • Coupled quantum circuits
      • Quantum charge detection and feedback in nanodevices.
  • Majorana Fermions:
      • Fractional Josephson effect.
      • Floquet Majorana Fermions.

Recent publications:


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