I has been  involved in outridge  from the very beginning of my scientific carrier partly due to my friendship with excelent high school teachers as Pepe Colera and Ana Cañas, example and inspiration for all teachers. During my first graduate studies I wrote a high school  Physics text book with Ana from whom I learned a lot. All these years, I gave popular talks in the public institutions where they taught. No electronic media then. Below are examples of more recent activities.

  • Here are two popular  talks in Spanish

El grafeno, un regalo de la naturaleza, Centro Principia de Málaga, 2013

Partículas en cautividad, Residencia de Estudiantes de Madrid, 2017



  • And here are the slides of old talks on  New Materials (2002) and on the Nobel prize in Physics to asymptotic freedom (2004) also  in Spanish .



  •  Article on graphene in Investigación y Ciencia,  the Spanish version of the  Scientific American in 2010:
  • 2010InvYciencia
    • Commentary published in Nature Physics  on  running coupling constants in 2011. following the experimental observation of the running of the Fermi velocity in graphene. The Spanish translation  also appeared in Investigación y Ciencia.


  •  Popular article on Graphene published in the bulletin of the International Association of Mathematical Physics in October 2013.
  • 2013Graphene in IAMP