Winter School on “Advanced Characterization of Piezoceramics”


Simultaneously to the Electroceramics for End-users IX, PIEZO2017, conference and open to its attendees, we are organizing a JECS Trust funded Winter School on “Advanced Characterization of Piezoceramics”. The proposed Winter School aims to discuss the role on piezoelectric ceramics processing and applications of the advanced characterization, microstructural, mechanical and electrical introducing both classical knowledge in these areas and novel techniques.

The proposed program consists of three groups of activities: tutorials, student poster competition and a social event, which will be a chance for students and early-stage researchers to get to know each other and will provide the basis for networking and future collaborations in a relaxed atmosphere. Tutorials will be conducted by international experts that will provide unique insights for researchers and those interested in broadening their skills. This will take place on three Sessions on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Find now all information about Topics and Lecturers and soon the Winter School on-line registration will be avaliable here.

Also, see now the PIEZO2017 program on-line. Early bird PIEZO2017 registration deadline will soon came: 30th November 2016.

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