Ferroelectricity Meetings

The members of GF2 currently participate in series of meetings related with ferroelectrics, electroceramics and piezoelectrics. They have attended and organized or been Members of International Steering Committees of, among others, the Spanish “Reunión Nacional de Electrocerámica” (RNE)(past Editions: 7-9 July, 2021: EC15, The XV Edition, at Vitoria and 26-28 June, 2019: EC14, The XIV Edition, at Castellón and next edition: 28-30 June, 2023: EC16, The XVI Edition, at Jaca), The Electroceramics for End-users  (PIEZO20XX), The European Congress on Applications of Polar Dielectrics (ECAPDs) and The International (IMF) and European Meetings on Ferroelectricity (EMF).

In May 2019 the Piezo Institute (The European Institute of Piezoelectric Materials and Devices) announced the site for “PIEZO2021: Piezoelectrics for End Users XI“: The University of Sassari, Sardinia, Italy. This was hold last 21-24 February and was, for the first time, fully virtual. PIEZO2017 and PIEZO2019 took place in Cercedilla (Madrid, Spain) last 19-22 February, 2017, and in Špindlerův Mlýn in the Czech Republic on January 27-30, 2019, respectively. The next Edition (ECEU XII) will take place at the University of Glasgow, UK, 5-9 November, 2023.

PIEZO2017 was co-organised together with CSIC and UPM. The meeting continued its well established tradition of presenting the latest research and developments on piezoelectric and multifunctional materials, technologies and devices, and of bringing together academia and industry within the field for discussion and networking. PIEZO2017 gathered together the first class touristic attraction of the city of Madrid and the possibilities of the Navacerrada and Valdesquí sky resorts.

As José Ortega y Gasset, the famous Spanish philosopher, said “el hombre no tiene naturaleza, lo que tiene es historia”, which is translated as: the man does not have nature, but history. The following is part of ours.

Electroceramics for End-users (PIEZO20XX) is a series of conferences dedicated to advances in electroactive, particularly piezoceramic, materials and devices. It was established by the POLECER Thematic network of EU and continued by the MIND Network of Excellence. It started in Interlaken, Switzerland, “Piezoelectric Materials for End Users (I)“, in 2002. Following conferences were in Capri, Italy, “Polar Oxides Symposium“, in 2003; Bled, Slovenia, “Processing of Electroceramics“, in 2003; Courmayeur, Italy, “Material Technology and Design of Integrated Piezoelectric Devices“, in 2004; Abeyé les Vaux de Cernay, France, “Electroactive Materials and Sustainable Growth“, in 2005; Lillehammer, Norway, “Piezoceramics for End Users II“, in 2006; Liberec, Czech Republic, “Piezoelectricity for End Users III”, in 2007; Zakopane, Poland, “Electroceramics for End Users IV“, 2009; Sestriere, Italy, “Electroceramics for End Users V” 2011; Les Arcs, France, “Electroceramics for End Users VI”, in 2013 and , Slovenia, “Electroceramics for End Users VII”, in 2015.

International and European Meetings on Ferroelectricity have a long tradition in Europe. Renowned scientists have attended these meetings. This is the case of Prof. K. Alexander Müller, 1997 winner of the Nobel Price in Physics for his work on high temperature superconductivity in perovskite type structure oxides, Prof. William Cochram, awarded, among others, with the 1978 Hughes Medal of the Royal Society for his works in X-ray diffraction and lattice dynamics applied to phase transitions.

The last Edition of EMF was hold in 2019 at Lausanne, Switzerland, F2Cp2 Conference, joint with ISAF (International Symposium on Applications of Ferroelectrics)-ICE (International Conference on Electroceramics- IWPM (International Workshop on PiezoMEMS) and PFM(Piezoresponse Force Microscopy Workshop). 

Dr. L. Pardo participated at the 13th European Meeting on Ferroelectricity (EMF) at Porto (Portugal) from 28th June to 3rd July, 2015, for the first time as Member of the EMF Steering Committee. Her election was a decision at the Committee meeting of the 12th EMF held in Bordeaux (France) from 26th June to 11st July 2011.

The 11th EMF took place from 3rd to 7th September 2007 in Bled (Slovenia) and the 10th EMF took place from 3rd to 8th August, 2003 in Cambridge (UK). The most recent International Meetings of Ferroelectricity (IMF) that took place were the 13th IMF held from 2nd  to 6th  September 2013 in Krakow (Poland), the 12th IMF from 23rd to 27th August 2009 at Xi’an (China) and the 11th IMF from 5th to 9th September, 2005 at Cataratas del Iguazú/Foz do Iguaçu (Argentina/Brazil).

The 10th International Meeting on Ferroelectricity was held in Madrid, Spain, on September 3rd-7th 2001 and provided an up to date general view of the current activity in the field of ferroelectricity and related areas.  The series of posters that can be found below  is a remembrance of each of the eighteen previous International and European Meetings on Ferroelectricity. It constitutes an historical project based on the idea of Prof. J. Gonzalo, the Chairman of the 10th IMF.

The first IMF of the XXI century, brought an excellent opportunity to take a glance at the past.

This project was possible thanks to the carefully collected items of the past, and the enthusiasm and the effort of the members of the Department of Ferroelectric Materials at ICMM-CSIC at that time, in particular: Prof. B. Jiménez, Dr. E. Maurer, Dr. L. Pardo, Dr. M. Algueró, Dr. R. Poyato and Dr. A. Moure. The editorial and graphic material also included contributions of Prof. J. Gonzalo, Prof. J. Fousek, Prof. L. E. Cross, Dr. W. A. Smith, Prof. C. Moure, Dr. Rafael Jiménez-Rioboó, Dr. A. Ando, Dr. J. Albers and Dr. Michel Jannin.


imf10r IMF-10  Madrid 2001
emf9 EMF-9  Prague (Czech Republic) 1999
imf9r IMF-9  Seoul(Korea) 1997
emf8 EMF-8   Holland 1995
imf8r IMF-8  Maryland (USA) 1993
emf7r EMF-7  Dijon (France)1991
imf7r IMF-7 Saaebrucken(Germany) 1989
6emf EMF-6  Poznan (Poland) 1987
6imf IMF -6     Kobe (Japan)  1985
5emf EMF-5  Benalmádena, Málaga (Spain) 1983
5imf IMF-5   State College, PA (USA), 1981
4emf EMF-4  Portoroz (Yugoslavia), 1979
4imf IMF-4   Leningrad (URSS), 1977
3emf EMF-3    Zurich (Switzerland), 1975
3imf IMF-3 Edinburgh (UK), 1973
2emf EMF-2  Dijon (France), 1971
2imf IMF-2  Kyoto (Japan), 1969
1emf EMF-1  Saarbrucken (Germany), 1969
1imf IMF-1   Prague (Czechoslovakia), 1966

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