2018 Visiting Professor Programme at the University of Sassari (UNISS), Sardinia, Italy

Dr. Sebastiano Garroni, Profs. Stefano Enzo and Gabriele Mulas at the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy were the hosts of L. Pardo for the one-month visit (15 May to 15 June 2019) under the 2018 Visiting Profesor Programme of the University.

The visit activities were threefold.

On the one hand, the teaching by L. Pardo with a series of Lectures on “Ferro-Piezoelectric Ceramics: A polyhedral topic on functional materials (Towards eco-friendly piezoceramics)”. Discussions and experiments on the research on lead-free materials based on Potassium Sodium Niobate were also carried out. This was the topic of the Ph.D. Thesis of Dr. Nina Sennes (February 2019) and it is at present the Master Thesis topic of Matteo Poddighe and the P.D. Thesis topic of Antonio Iacomini. On the other hand, we started the organization of PIEZO2021, which will be Chaired by Dr. Garroni together with Dr. Carmen Galassi (ISTEC, Faenza, Italy), who visited UNISS on the 28-29 May, 2019.

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