Ordered Photonics
Photonic crystals and photonic bandgaps
Photonic Crystals represent a unique and versatile class of optical devices for manipulating the electromagnetic fields associated with light.
Disordered Photonics
Photonic glasses and light diffusion
Light diffusses in disordered media. Photonig glasses are dispersive disordered assembly of monodisperse spheres.
Ordered Photonics
Composites by Atomic Layer and Chemical Vapour deposition

Opals can be infiltrated with other materials to obtain inverse or composite with higher refractive indx, different structures or additional properties like light generation, photo-swithching or thermo-switching.

Nanoparticle infiltration
Nanoparticle and Quantum Dots infiltration

Opals are perfect hosts to infiltrate guest particles in order to control their optical properties by engineering the optical modes.

Linear and Non-linear Spectroscopy of Photonic structrures

Spectral transmission and reflection, band-diagrams and non-linear spectroscopy

Random Lasing
Random Lasing and 3D-mode lasing

a special kind of laser with no coherent feedback, in which 3D diffusive or in general volume modes lase when stimulated emission dominates