Recent research are focused to the synthesis of new porous, cross-linked and linear organic polymers for sustainable applications such as CO 2 capture, conversion and separation and heterogeneous catalysis.

Knitting Porous Polymers 
These polymers are straight prepared from aromatic monomers. We have post-functionalized them with several groups such as nitro, amine or guanidine (down) and with alkylamines such as TREN and TEPA (up) to be used as heterogeneous catalysts for CO2 conversion or for reversible CO2 adsorption.

Porous Polyimines
New porous polyimines have been prepared from aromatic tri- or tetraamines and dialdehydes by conventional heating or under microwave irradiation. We have incorporated different metals (Co, Fe, Cr)  to achieve efficient heterogeneous catalysts to prepare additives for diesel fuels or for CO2  conversion in a solvent free reaction (TON up to 8800). 

Cross-linked Poly(azomethines)
From aromatic diamines and isopthaldehyde have been prepared by microwave heating new linear polyimines which were chelated with different metals (Co, Ru, Al and Fe) to have heterogeneous catalysts very efficient for CO2 conversion (TON up 7425) (up).
By reacting  isophthaldeyde and diamine pyridinium salts have been prepared new poly(azomethine) salts which can straight catalyzed  the above conversion (down) . 

Research in progress