Group Seminar: Illuminating van der Waals materials: from graphene to twisted MoS2

Marta Prada, from the Institute for Theoretical Physics, Universität Hamburg, will give a seminar entitled «Illuminating van der Waals materials: from graphene to twisted MoS2».

Date: October 11th, 2022, 11:00h.

Location: Instituto de Ciencias Materiales de Madrid (ICMM-CSIC)

We address the low-lying energy levels of van-der Waals structures via resistively-detected electron spin resonance (ESR). In graphene, the structure of the topological bands is reflected in transport experiments, where our numerical models allow us to identify the resonance signatures. We resolve the intrinsic spin-orbit gap [1], the g-factor anisotropic corrections [2, 3], the sub-lattice splitting [4], and the hyperfine-induced splitting in 13C-based graphene [5]. Using Floquet formalism, we find theoretical evidence of a topological transition by illuminating an ideal sample of graphene and the connection between angular momentum and sublattice spin. Finally, we study twisted MoS2 samples, where we resolve low-lying Moiré bands near the conduction band.

Keywords: Twisted bilayer MoS2, Moiré, superlattices, Mini-bands, Schottky barrier, Resonant Tunneling,
Transition metal dichalcogenides

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