Helena Gavilán / Organizer


Nanocrystals and Chemistry Group. Biomaterials and Bioinspired Materials


Celia Castillo / Organizer


Multifunctional and Supramolecular Materials Group. New Architectures in Materials Chemistry


María Nieves López / Organizer


Group of Bioinspired Materials. Biomaterials and Bioinspired Materials



Arturo Pérez / Video & design


Art director, designer, filmmaker, webmaster & community manager



What is PhD Thesis Showcase?

]PhD Thesis Showcase allows ICMM students to show their «Thesis in a Flash» just by making a short video about their thesis explaining their own research field in a didactic and short way.

The project intends to be a frame where ICMM students can be made known and where they can introduce their thesis to the rest of us. Plus, it gives the student experience and a short way to introduce themselves to other international researchers


What programs do we use?


Once your supervisor approved your Doctoral Thesis Abstract. We will record an interview and design the graphics for the video.