REALM starts NIREXEM project funded by Spanish Science, Innovation and Universities Ministry

«Alternative luminescent excitation and material processing paths for brightness and stability optimization of near infrared nanoprobes with biophotonic applications» project has been recently awarded for the period 2019-2021, including economic support of a doctoral position.

Personnel of Pharmacy Faculty of Complutense University-Madrid, Iberian International Nanotechnology Laboratory-Braga, Center of Ultrafast & Ultraintense Pulsed Lasers-Salamanca, and Aveiro University play several different roles in the project activity.

The project aims the development of new luminescent  and magnetic nanoprobes and their excitation with commercially available and specifically developed ultrashort (fs) laser pulses and magnetic fields.


REALM joins COST Action CA17115 – European network for advancing Electromagnetic hyperthermic medical technologies: MyWAVE

Electromagnetic (EM) hyperthermic technologies hold great potential in the treatment of diseases, especially for cancers that are resistant to standard regimens. Hyperthermia is particularly effective in treatment of cervical and breast cancer, head and neck cancers, sarcoma in adults, and germ cell tumours in children; while radiofrequency and microwave ablation offer promise for treating liver, kidney, and lung cancers.

Accurate knowledge of the dielectric and thermal properties of tissues is needed for the development of hyperthermia-based technologies and de-risk the technical challenge before commercialization, However, often researchers working on the development of medical technologies are not fully aware of, and not trained to address the clinical and commercialisation challenges facing novel medical devices.

The MyWAVE Action takes a holistic approach by bringing together key players in the field of dielectric spectroscopy, translational research, and medical professionals. Conjoining these varied communities into one collaborative network is critical to advance the design, development, and commercialisation of EM hyperthermic technologies, so that they can reach patients faster and improve treatment outcomes.

Furthermore MyWAVE also support the training of young scientists as well as scientific conferences in EU countries.

REALM joins COST Action CM1403 «The European Upconversion Network»

The COST Action CM1403 “The European Upconversion Network: From the Design of Photon-upconverting nanomaterials to Biomedical Applications” was established to support research networks, training of young scientists as well as scientific conferences in countries of the European Union.

More information  is available on internet:

REALM group participates in the forthcoming UPCON18 associated conference  with the contribution entitled


A record achievement

Tetragonal double tungstates and double molybdates with NaLn(XO4)2 formula codoped wth Yb and Er have record values of thermal sensitivity based in the upconversion monitoring technique.  See publications