Synthesis techniques

We prepare crystalline nanosized particles by a) hydro/solvothermal, b) coprecipitation from high boiling point solvents, and c) sol-gel and routes. Equipment available at this laboratory includes:

-Vacuum Schlenk lines.

-Magnetic stirred hot plates with control of temperature and pH (IKA Ret, IKA C-MAG HS7, with ETS-D5 thermometers).

-Vortex mixers.

-50 ml Teflon-lined pressure reactors.

-Ultrasonic baths.

-Ultrasonicator device for liquid processing, up 200 W 24 kHZ, with different sonotrodes (Hielscher).

-Horizontal laminar flow clean cabinet (Aeolus Telstar).

– Ovens with forced air circulation, up to 300 ºC (Memmert UFE500).

-Centrifuge max 18.000 rpm (Hettich Eba 21).

-Precision thickness film maker system with heated platens and uniaxial press;

-Dynamic Light Scattering equipment (Vasco 2, Cordouan Technologies, with NanoQ software) for particle size measurement.

-Spin-coater with drying system and laminar flow clean bench. Rheometer.

-Differential Scanning Calorimetry/ Differential Thermal Analysis (Setaram SetSys Evolution 1700 DTG-DSC, measurements up to 1450 ºC).

-Water distillatory (Water Still Boeco WS 3500).

-Laboratory refrigerator (Liebherr).