Double perovskites

An active field of research of our group is that related to the double perovskites of general formula A2(BB’)O6, where A stands for an alkali-earth metal and B, B’ are transition metals of the first and second (or third) rows. The most representative example is Sr2FeMoO6, ferrimagnetic and half-metallic, which is considered, at present, among the most promising MR materials, given their high TC and MR at low field.

Recently, we demonstrated that high pressure is a powerful tool to minimize the unwanted antisite Fe/Mo disordering: degrees of ordering close to 100% can be obtained by pressure treatments starting from partially disordered perovskites (70% order). Additionally, we have prepared, also under pressure, the perovskite Sr2FeReO6 and, adequately tuning the oxidizing/reducing conditions, a large number of novel oxides like Sr2BUO6 (B= Mn, Fe, Ni, Zn), A2CrSbO6 (A= Ca, Sr), Ba2BSbO6 (B= Fe, Co), Sr2MReO6 (M= Ni, Co, Zn), etc…

Magnetization curve of Sr2FeMoO6, obtained by a sol-gel method with a high degree of Fe/Mo ordering, this optimizing TC and MR

Besides the currently exploited ideas to improve the properties of interest, based upon cationic substitutions, we aim to develop more original ideas based upon changing the anionic sublattice, enhancing the covalence of the chemical bonds, through nitridation or flourination of the previously formed oxide, thus favouring the first-neighbour magnetic interactions and enhancing ferromagnetism.

Recent Publications

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