p-element perovskites

Extremely distorted Pnma structure of TeNiO3, where the lone pair and small size of Te4+ drive an enormous tilting of the NiO3 octahedra

An active Research line is the exploration of new ABO3 and A2BB’O6 perovskites containing p elements with an inert electron pair at the A positions, like Tl+, Sn2+, Pb2+, Sb3+, Bi3+, Se4+ and Te4+.

These cations create an irregular oxygen-coordination environment; therefore their stabilization in perovskites many times requires the use of high pressure conditions. 

For instance, recently, TeNiO3 (with Te4+ at the A-site of the perovskite structure) was stabilized at 3.5 GPa, and the crystal and magnetic structures studied by neutron diffraction..

Concerning double perovskites, two nice examples are Bi2NiMnO6 and Bi2CoMnO6 , prepared under pressure, where the presence of a lone electron pair induces cationic shifts that favours ferroelectricity.

These materials are magneto-ferroelectrics, useful for multiple-memory devices (storage of information with both electrical and magnetic polarization) or memory elements in which a ferroelectric bit is read as a ferromagnetic bit generated by association. For instance, it is predicted a large polarization for Bi2FeCrO6 which has only been stabilized in thin film form so far: recently its preparation in bulk form has been achieved by this Group.

Recent Publications

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