Tech Transfer

Fabrication of thin films for microelectronics and flexible electronics

Our group has developed a groundbreaking key enabling technology1 aimed at the direct fabrication of functional inorganic thin films on flexible polymeric substrates for a new generation of large area, flexible electronic devices, with a wide range of applications as sensors, transducers, actuators and memories. This technology is based on low cost, highly efficient, advanced chemical solution deposition methods, which has allowed us lowering the processing temperatures (< 3500C) of a wide range of metallic oxides — dielectrics, ferroelectrics, multiferroics and (semi)conductors — and, thus, the deposition on low termal stability substrates, such as plastics and glasses. This technology is also proven on conventional semiconductor substrates tradicionally used in microelectronics.

1 Method for the preparation at low temperaturas of ferroelectric thin films by diphasic precursors and photochemical solution deposition, and their applications on non-refractory substrates” International Patent PCT/IB2009/055699 (2009). Extended to USA, Japan, and Korea in 2012.

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Contact person: M.L. Calzada


Development of advanced electroceramics for piezoelectric and magnetoelectric applications

Our group has ample experience in the synthesis of functional oxides and the processing of ceramic materials for applications, using both conventional and advanced methods. This, together with our expertise and full equipped facilities for their functional characterization, make us fully capable of facing the challenge of developing new electroceramics with tailored properties1,2. The final objective is always to transfer these materials to new and improved high technology products. Recent examples of our activity in this field are piezoelectric ceramics with high sensittivity and ready for operation in extreme conditions, and improved magnetoelectric ceramic composites for energy harvesting.

1 A high temperature piezoelectric BiScO3-PbTiO3 ceramic material chemically engineered for enhanced voltage response, and a procedure for obtaining said ceramic material International Patent PCT/EP16/082337 (2016)

2 A high temperature piezoelectric BiScO3-PbTiO3 ceramic material chemically engineered for high power operation, and a procedure for obtaining said ceramic material” International Patent PCT/EP16/082424 (2016)

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Contact person: M. Algueró