thin film preparation Lab

(contact person: Prof. M. Lourdes Calzada


Design of thin film precursors through solution synthesis

CSDThe ever increasing demand for low-cost and energy-efficient manufacturing processes, together with the pressing need for new materials and devices in emerging technologies has driven the development of the Chemical Solution Deposition (CSD) technique in the fabrication of functional metal oxide thin films. This is a low-cost method that scales easily to large areas without complex manufacturing systems. But, probably the most outstanding benefit of this technique is the versatility of the solution routes for tailoring the functional properties of the metal oxide thin film by means of an accurate design of the solution chemistry. The target of this research line is the development of cutting edge synthesis strategies in solution to obtain solution precursors of functional oxides with specific characteristics such high reactivity, moisture insensitivity, defined molecular structure, photosensitivity or low aging. The development of novel solution pathways may have a strong effect on the present manufacturing technology of integrated thin films, included in the key enabling technologies (KETs) of advanced materials.



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