magnetoelectric characterization Lab

(contact person: Dr. Miguel Algueró)

Magnetoelectric characterization equipmentMagnetoelectric measurement



Magnetoelectric measurements are carried out using an experimental setup that contains a combination of two Helmholtz coils: a high power coil and a high frequency one, designed to independently provide a static increasingly high magnetic field up to 1 kOe (magnetization field), and an alternate magnetic field of 10 Oe at varying frequencies between 1 kHz and 200 kHz (the stimulus), respectively. The output voltages developed as a response of the alternate magnetic field are monitored with a lock-in amplifier.



Examples of measurements carried out with this equipment can be found in the following publications:

Magnetoelectric curve Nature Comm


A novel perovskite oxide chemically designed to show multiferroic phase boundary with room-temperature magnetoelectricity
Fernández-Posada, CM; Castro, A; Kiat, J-M; Porcher, F; Peña, O; Algueró, M; Amorín, H
Nature Communications 7, 12772 (2016)



Magnetoelectric curve Mater Design


Point defect engineering of high temperature piezoelectric BiScO3-PbTiO3 for enhanced voltage response
Pascual-González, C; Berganza, E; Amorín, H; Castro, A; Algueró, M
Materials & Design 108, 501–509 (2016)



Magnetoelectric curve JACERS


Yttrium iron garnet/barium titanate multiferroic composites
Schileo, G; Pascual-González, C; Algueró, M; Reaney, IM; Postolache, P; Mitoseriu, L; Reichmann, K; Feteira, A
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 99, 1609-1614 (2016)




Magnetoelectric curve STAM




High-sensitivity piezoelectric perovskites for magnetoelectric composites
Amorín, H; Algueró, M; Del Campo, R; Vila, E; Ramos, P; Dollé, M; Romaguera-Barcelay, Y; De La Cruz, JP; Castro, A
Science and Technology of Advanced Materials 16, 016001 (2015)