Outreach – Articles in journals and Chapters in books

Here we include some articles and chapters that we have published in different journals and books.

  • An article about the life of the scientist Emmy Noether and her contributions to modern physics. Written by Belén Valenzuela in the journal Revista española de Física, enero-marzo 2018, in section Mi clásico favorito.


– About emergence in condensed matter: EmergenceAsimov

– About parity symmetry: P-symmetry

– About graphene: Qué es el grafeno y por qué nos importa

  • Dr. Belén Valenzuela also collaborated in the book Y yo quiero ser…, which encourages people to be scientific . Her chapter motivates the choice of theoretical physics of condensed matter, and it can be found in the following link


  •  M. Vozmediano and collaborators published an article in Investigación y Ciencia,  the Spanish version of the  Scientific American:


  • Commentary published in Nature Physics by M. Vozmediano on running coupling constants in 2011.


  • The Spanish translation  also appeared in Investigación y Ciencia.


  •  Popular article on Graphene published by M. Vozmediano for the bulletin of the International Association of Mathematical Physics in October 2013.

2013Graphene in IAMP