dForce is a scientific code designed to simulate dynamic AFM experiments. The user of dForce accepts to cite the article below in any publication that has data, curves or insights derived from the simulations:

Dynamic Force Microscopy Simulator (dForce): A tool for planning and understanding tapping and bimodal AFM experiments,

Horacio V. Guzman, Pablo D. Garcia and Ricardo Garcia, Beilstein J. Nanotechnol 6, 369-379 (2015)

I accept

Note: The simulator will speed up experimental data interpretation, facilitate the planning of new experiments and, in the process, will advance force microscopy. However, dForce simulations could not be considered a substitute for the rational understanding of dynamic AFM. That knowledge will be gained and optimized by combining the reading of the proper scientific literature with dForce simulations.

dForce is designed for running in python with the following Anaconda distribution: