Our manuscript in the Highlights of the journal Materials MDPI

Our manuscript “Determination of the PIC700 Ceramic’s Complex Piezo-Dielectric and Elastic Matrices from Manageable Aspect Ratio Resonators” is in the Highlights of the Main page of the journal Materials MDPI.

This work was selected for special promotion and was also announced at the twitter account of the journal.

Piezoceramics are characterized to establish their applicability in energy, industrial or medical applications by consistent piezoelectric-elastic-dielectric matrices of coefficients, including losses. These are required for reliable virtual prototyping using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) in the design of new devices. Due to the difficulties arising from mode coupling when using the resonance method, this complete set of parameters is scarcely reported. FEA is widely used for device simulation. Nevertheless, due to lack of piezoceramics data the high potential of the FEA for modeling lead-free commercial piezoceramics is still insufficiently exploited. 

We report in this manuscript a new strategy for the determination of these coefficients of a comercially avaliable, Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based eco-piezoceramic. A shear plate, cylinder, and disk resonators of a manageable aspect ratio were used. The validation of the matrices is also given by FEA modeling of these resonators.

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