Prof. Miguel Angel Alario Franco´s anniversary Special Issue of Journal of Solid State Chemistry

“Synthesis, Structure and Microstructure of novel Non-molecular Materials”, Special Issue of the Journal of Solid State Chemistry is dedicated to Prof. Miguel Ángel Alario-Franco on the occasion of his 80th Birthday.

This is edited by Elizabeth Castillo-Martínez, David Ávila-Brande, Jesús Prado-Gonjal and Elena M. Mesa-Bribián.

Professor Alario-Franco was a pioneer in Solid State Chemistry from the mid-seventies: His notorious contributions to the field encompass the synthesis of novel materials, from room to high pressures and their characterization at the structural and microstructural level by means of TEM/ED and HREM. This implied the setting up of an Electron Microscopy Center and a High-Pressure Laboratory, among the first of its kind in Europe, as well as the training of a significant number of international bright students that are disseminating the knowledge of the Chemistry of Materials and their inherent fundamental properties.

See our group contributions to this Special Issue:

“Synchrotron XRD: Enlightening the processing-properties correlation in (Bi0.50Na0.50)0.96Ba0.04TiO3 (BNBT4) ceramics”

L.E. Fuentes-Cobas, María .E. Montero-Cabrera, J. Plaisier, E.E. Villalobos-Portillo, L. Pardo.

Journal of Solid State Chemistry 316,123585 (2022)                                                                


“Processing, microstructure, electrical properties and cytotoxic behaviour of lead-free 0.99K0.50Na0.50NbO3-0.01BiFeO3 piezoceramics prepared using Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS)”

A. Iacomini, S. Garroni, M. Mureddu, L. Malfatti, S. Thakkar, R. Orrù, S. Barbarossa, E. Pakhomova, G. Cao,
J.A. Tamayo-Ramos, S. de la Parra, C. Rumbo, Á. Garcìa, José. F. Bartolomé, L. Pardo.

Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 316,123589 (2022)

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