Already on-line a new Special Issue of the journal Materials: “Piezoelectrics and Ferroelectrics for End Users”

A new Special Issue of the journal Materials MDPI:“Piezoelectrics and Ferroelectrics for End Users” is already on-line.

Guest Editors: Prof. Lorena Pardo, Prof. Sandy Cochran, Prof. Sebastiano Garroni and Dr. Laura Stoica.

Research articles and reviews are wellcomed. The topics are:

– piezoelectrics, pyroelectrics, ferroelectrics, relaxors, tuneable materials
– ceramics, single crystals, thick and thin films, polymers and composites
– lead-free materials ferro and piezoelectrics
– materials processing including low-temperature sintering techniques and chemical routes avoiding toxic precursors
– raw materials avoiding environmentally aggressive conditions
– advanced and innovative characterization of structural, electrical, mechanical, thermal and optical properties of piezoelectrics and ferroelectrics
– materials and devices for sensors, acoustic transducers and medical imaging
– materials and devices for energy conversion, energy harvesting, cooling and energy storage
– piezoelectrics for actuators
– multiferroics, electrocalorics, magnetoelectrics, photovoltaics, thermoelectrics and photo-ferroelectrics
– theory and modelling of piezoelectrics and ferroelectrics
– thermoelectrics and photovoltaics

You can already submit your manuscript to this Special Issue !!

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