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Interfacing polymers and tissues: quantitative local assessment of the Foreign Body Reaction of Mononuclear Phagocytes to Polymeric Materials

Elena Giusto , Matteo Donegàa , Andra C. Dumitru , Giulia Foschi, Stefano Casalini , Michele Bianchi , Tommaso Leonardi  , Alessandro Russo , Luigi G. Occhipinti, Fabio Biscarini, Ricardo Garcia, and Stefano Pluchino

Adv. Biosys.  1, 1700021 (2017)


Imaging modes of atomic force microscopy for application in molecular and cell biology

Yves F. Dufrêne1, Toshio Ando, Ricardo Garcia, David Alsteens, David Martinez-Martin,
Andreas Engel, Christoph Gerber and Daniel J. Müller

Nature Nanotechnology 12, 295 (2017)


Dependence of the volume of an antibody on the force applied in a force microscopy experiment in liquid

J. Rodriguez-Ramos, A.P. Perrino, R. Garcia

Ultramicroscopy 171, 153 (2016)


Atomically resolved three-dimensional structures of electroyte aqueous solutions near a solid surface

Daniel Martin-Jimenez , Enrique Chacon , Pedro Tarazona & Ricardo Garcia

Nature Communications  7, 12164 (2016)


How soft is a single protein?: Stress-strain curve of antibody pentamers with 5pN and 50 pm resolutions



Force Reconstruction from tapping mode force microscopy experiments
Amir F. Payam Daniel Martin-Jimenez and Ricardo García
Nanotechnology ,26, 185706 (2015)


Advanced Scanning Probe Lithography
Ricardo Garcia, Armin W. Knoll and Elisa Riedo
Nature Nanotechnology 9, 577 (2014)