SGG Equipment

In addition to the ICMM resources, the SGG has the following equipment for fast measurements:

  • Facilities for the preparation of hybrid organic-inorganic Sol-Gel materials.
  • Software for coating design. Preparation of thin-films (dip-coating, spray-coating, bar-coating and spin-coating) and sonogels.
  • Glove-box with controlled atmosphere for the preparation of sensitive samples.
  • Surface area and porosity measurements (of micro and macroporous solids).
  • Optical microscope attached to a digital video camera for the analysis of dynamic images.
  • UV-Vis spectrophotometer and UV-VIS spectroradionmeter with attachments for reflectance or transmition measuring.
  • Spectrofluorometer with life-time resolution in the nanosecond range.
  • Isolated optical table with Ar and He-Ne lasers for optical and electrooptical characterization.
  • UV and solar irradiation set-ups for photostability tests.
  • Wetting angle.
  • Profilometer
  • Refraction Index