Mixed Oxide Nanoparticles for Pigments and Inks

The SGG is using the experience of the INCOREDEC Project (High Temperature Inks and a Computerised, Reliable Printing System for Marking and Decoration of Products and Semi Finished Products), to develop the preparation of mixed oxides nanoparticles for pigments and inks (ink-jet).

The preparation is oriented for ink-jet inks for printing on vitreous, metallic or ceramics surfaces by means of a computer controlled system. The inks must be stable at very high temperatures (800-1100ºC) in order to withstand the calcination process of the different substrates. These materials need to have optimal mechanical and chemical properties as well as good adhesion to the substrates and stability upon irradiation with UV-light. Pigment nanoparticles must comply with important size limitations in order to allow its usage in pigmented ink-jet inks.

XRD patterns showing the small particle size of the mixed oxides

Nanoparticles prepared via Sol-Gel and modified Sol-Gel procedures

Sol-Gel prepared Ni-hydroxynitrate nanosheets

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