Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Madrid, CSIC


Puerto Morales, Fernando Herranz, Lucía Gutiérrez and Gorka Salas succesfully organized the 5th consecutive Edition of the SBAN Conference at the ICMM-CSIC, this year again in person! Esther Benayas and Julia Martínez presented their respective outstanding results as short oral communications and Álvaro Córdova-Gallo and Carlos Díaz-Ufano did so in a poster. Well done, team! It was a productive and successful conference. Congratulations to the organizers and participants! We almost reached a hundred.



André Girão presented part of his PhD work as a poster communication at the Graphene Week in Munich (Germany). It was a fruitful discussion with scientists in the field. Congratulations!


Congratulations to MaMBIO team members for their recent publication on ACS Nano, in collaboration with scientists at the Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal). It  has been recently highlighted as featured content by the journal. Very useful review in the field!


Congratulations to MaMBIO team members for their recent publication on the Journal of Physical Chemistry C, in collaboration with scientists at the Instituto Politécnico Nacional de Mexico, IMDEA Nanociencia and Universidad de Zaragoza. Good contribution to the field of manganese ferrite nanoparticles!


Congratulations to Belén Corrales for the excellent dissertation of her Grade Thesis in Materials Engineering at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. She obtained ¡¡9.7!! and got the «Honored Grade». Great job!

07/07/2022 and 18/07/2022

Álvaro Gallo and Carlos Díaz organized the 1st MaMBIO Course on Synthesis of Iron Oxide Magnetic Nanoparticles. Students and research visitors in the group attended. Great iniciative!


Dasha defended her Master Thesis at the UC3M and got a 10 out of 10. Congratulations to Dasha for the good work done and to Puerto for her great supervision!


Natalia Villar Gómez joined the MaMBIO group as a JAE-ICU Intro for 3 months. Congratulations! She will be working on magnetic hydrogels and iron oxide nanoparticles.


Daniel Pastrana defended his Grade Thesis dissertation. He got 9.2 out of 10!! Good job!  MaMBIO team members wish you best of luck in your future career.


Puerto Morales is assisting to the Workshop of CIBER-BBN/NANBIOSIS ICTS and NANOMEDICINE CSIC HUB in Barcelona. She gave the talk: «Magnetic nanoheating for remote controlled drug release«. It is being an excellent forum to exchange scientific ideas and establish new collaborations between these networks!



Congratulations to MaMBIO team members for recent publications on Nanoscale, in collaboration with scientists at IMDEA Nanoscience, and Pharmaceutics, in collaboration with researchers at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid.


Congratulations to Belén Corrales for the excellent dissertation of her Grade Thesis in Energy Engineering at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. She obtained the highest mark from the Committee, ¡¡8.4!! Great job! MaMBIO team members gathered together to celebrate with her!


Julia Martínez and Marta Toldos obtained their Master Degree in a ceremony at the Faculty of Pharmacy of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Congratulations for their great work!


Julia Martínez and Marta Toldos made their Master Thesis dissertation at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. They got marks of 9.6 and 9.7 (out of 10), respectively. Congratulations to both of them for their excellent Master work and lab dedication! Great job!



Álvaro Gallo and Carlos Díaz participated in the Summer Course of the Spanish Club of Magnetism in Llanes (Asturias). Both of them gave oral talks during the Student Networking Sessions. Excellent environment for training and discussing scientific ideas in the field!


Conchi Serrano participated as an invited speaker at the XXVI Edition of the Scientific Symposia organized by ASPAYM-Madrid. It was a great pleasure to talk about research advances on (bio)materials for spinal cord injury to patients.


Conchi Serrano joined Prof. Paula Marques and Dr. Nathalie Barroca in Barcelona to defend their proposal in the personal interview of the second round of LaCaixa Health 2021 Call. The proposal was not selected for funding, but we were very grateful to reach such level of research quality!


MaMBIO team members gathered together in a goodbye lunch for André Girão, Nahuel Núñez and Ana Arché. Good luck, friends, in your respective stages!

Comida 26/5/2022


Nahuel Núñez from the Instituto Balseiro (Argentine) joins the MaMBIO group for a 3-month stay in Spain, within the context of the NESTOR project (H2020-RISE). Welcome, Nahuel! It is a great pleasure to have you here!


MaMBIO team members edited and participated as co-authors, together with other national and international colleagues, in the book «Engineering Biomaterials for Neural Applications: Targetting Traumatic Brain and Spinal Cord Injuries» published by Springer-Nature (2022). Congratulations for such useful compendium of research and clinical advances in the topic.


MaMBIO team members participated in the NALS 2022 conference in Santander. It was an excellent meeting, full of inspiring talks by a diversity of national and international outstanding scientists working in nanomaterials for biomedicine. Esther, Carlos and Belén had poster communications with poster pitches; Puerto had an invited talk and chaired the NALS Women Session and Conchi had a keynote talk and chaired the Magnetic Materials Session. Congratulations to the organizers! Great job!


Yadi Portilla from Domingo Barber’s Lab at CNB-CSIC will give a talk on recent results in collaboration with MaMBIO on the effect of iron oxide nanoparticles in the infection of cells by SARS-COV-2 as part of MaMBIO seminar series at ICMM-CSIC.


Work in collaboration between MaMBIO and Domingo Barber’s Lab at CNB-CSIC on the development and exploration of iron oxide nanoparticles for cancer treatment is presented in the news. Take the time to enjoy this nice overview of the extensive interdisciplinary work carried out in this close collaboration!


Our PhD student Álvaro Gallo Córdova defended his PhD thesis at ICMM. He did a great job both at the presentation and the questions’ section. Congratulations to Álvaro and his PhD advisers, Puerto Morales and Jesús García-Ovejero, for this extraordinary and «sobresaliente» work! Thanks also to the five members of the PhD Committee for accepting the invitation to be part of this scientific event!


Maria Eugenia Fortes Brollo gave a talk in our Group Meeting series with the title: «Magnetic hyperthermia in dynamic flux for viscous liquids”, related to the work that she carried out during her postdoctoral stage in Brazil. We were delighted to receive her again at ICMM.


Fernando Herranz and Puerto Morales chaired the 2nd General Assembly of the Nanomedicine CSIC Hub. Tens of participants gathered together to share the progress of the HUB in its first 9 months of actions. Puerto chaired a discussion table on transference, Conchi gives a plenary talk and Esther and Álvaro presented a group poster. It was a successful meeting for everyone. Thanks for joining!



Our proposal submitted to the HORIZON-CL4-2021-DIGITAL-EMERGING-01 has reached the stage of Grant Agreement preparation. Congratulations to Puerto Morales, as leader of the CSIC team, for her hard work writing the proposal! Looking forward to initiate this promising research on hybrid printed electronics!

Belén Corrales defended her Bachelor Thesis at the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. Congratulations for her excellent work and the high grade obtained (9.7/10.0)!


The MaMBIO Group celebrated Women’s Day with a special seminar given by our PhD student Esther Benayas, who discussed outstanding work by Prof. Courtine recently published in Nature Medicine. We encourage you to read such remarkable contribution.


Prof. Balachandrian Jeyadevan gave his last talk at Shiga Prefecture University (Japan). We thank him for his outstanding contributions to the development of new methods for the synthesis and characterization of magnetic and nanostructured conductive materials. A whole life devoted to teaching and science!


Congratulations to the MaMBIO Group for its recent publication in Biomaterials! Novel insights into the pivotal role that the surface coating of iron oxide nanoparticles plays on intracellular trafficking and biodegradation. Great job! Check the press media release by CSIC on this matter too!


Puerto participated as an INVITED SPEAKER at the round table «Synthetic and biological nanostructures» during the meeting of the Madrid Network of Nanoscience and Molecular Imaging. She gave a very inspiring talk with a deep perspective on the use of iron oxide nanoparticles in biomedicine and the current contribution of MaMBIO to the field. It was an event full of excellent talks by all the speakers and very fruitful discussions.


The IMAGE project in which MaMBIO participates initiated its first steps. The kick-off meeting took place online.


The NESTOR project in which MaMBIO participates started. The kick-off meeting took place online.


Álvaro acted as a General Chair and poster presenter at the Conference «Young Researchers in Magnetism 2021» (5th YRinM). Also, Carlos participated with an oral presentation and Belén submitted a picture to the 1st CEMAG Capturing Science Contest of the conference. The conference was a successful exchange of excellent science and ideas. Thanks to all participants!


Congratulations to the MaMBIO Group for its recent publication in the Journal of Colloid and Interface Science! Novel results unraveling the mechanisms behind the single/multicore effects on the catalitic activity of magnetic iron oxide colloids. Great contribution!


The MaMBIO Group searched for a highly motivated candidate for a FPI predoctoral fellowship. Please, visit the AEI website with the details of the call!


Congratulations to the MaMBIO Group for its recent publication in Biomaterials! Novel results unraveling the capacity of nanostructured gold electrodes to promote neural maturation and network connectivity. Good job, team!


The MaMBIO Group initiated its periodic Group Meetings with two alternate formats: Journal clubs and regular lab meetings. Every wednesday at 10 am at the seminars room in the ICMM-CSIC.


Conchi participated as an INVITED SPEAKER at the Workshop «Present approaches for neural tissue regeneration» organized by the European FET-OPEN Project NeuroStimSpinal. Please, check it out to learn more on recent strategies to repair the injured spinal cord.


The MaMBIO Group participated in the European Researchers’ Night 2021 in Atocha Train Station (Madrid). It was a venue full of enthusiastic scientists and public enjoying science together. We also made a journey to meet Nobel laureate women in the Scape Road with our youngest future scientists


Puerto participated as an INVITED SPEAKER and SESSION CHAIR at the 12th International Conference on “Instrumental Methods of Analysis” (IMA-2021) online. She made a great contribution to the conference


Conchi participated as a SESSION CHAIR and SPEAKER at the ESB2021 online. It was a great conference with amazing science to learn and enjoy. It was a pity not to meet in person in Porto (Portugal). Congratulations to the organizers for their amazing work!


Puerto participated as an INVITED SPEAKER at the IV International Baltic Conference on Magnetism online. Inspiring advances in nanoparticles for biomedical applications were shared


Congratulations to the MaMBIO Group for its recent publication in Nano Letters! Selective magnetic nanoheating in the context of the HOTZYMES project. Good job, team!


Congratulations to the MaMBIO Group for its recent publication in Nanoscale! It describes the effect of size, shape and assembly of magnetic nanoparticles drives hyperthermia behavior. Good contribution to the field!