Post-doc Scholarship of the I.U.S.V.T.A.

IUVSTA World Transfer Programme (WTC) rules:

General objectives:

To aid a recently qualified post doctoral scientist to transfer to another laboratory in another country in order to gain access to instruments (experiments, computers, large infrastructures) and/or to a special expertise, in order to progress more quickly her/his research project. The scientific stay will be of 3 to 12 months duration.
For a short stay, the grant consists of a travel grant but for a longer stay it may also cover some consumables or other discretionary expenses, upon the submission of a detailed budget plan.

Candidate eligibility:

Up to 3 years after the award of a PhD (or equivalent)

Financial support:

1) up to 1000 € for covering the cost of one return flight or train ticket (economy class only)

2) up to 2500€, according to the financial plan of the applicant for purchase of consumables, or small scientific equipment (excluding computers or accessories), conference fees and local costs, with a limit of / at a rate of max 250 € per month of stay

3) a special bonus of 500 €, paid to the scientist after acceptance – within 12 months of the stay – of a paper published in a recognized international peer reviewed scientific journal

More information:

I.U.S.V.T.A.  web site or

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