Submonolayer Growth of Organic Molecules on the Dielectric TiO2(110)-1×1 Surface

The possibility to select molecules with different shapes is one of the most intriguing issues of organic electronics, since it lets us envisage the exploitation of the anisotropy parameter for the design of hybrid archetypal devices. For this reason, we have studied the growth of two organic molecules, whose shape is completely different, on the dielectric TiO2(110)-1×1 surface.

TiO2(110) substrate

TiO2(110) substrate

Most of the organic molecules do not interact with the TiO2 surface. Here after we report on two different molecules which are weakly interacting with the surface, forming a physisorbed overlayer.

A summary of the results on pentacene (J. Phys. Chem. C 115, 4664-4672 (2011) )

A summary of the results on fullerenes (Chem.-Eur. J. 18, 7382 (2012))

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