New UHV machine at ESISNA

Combined LEED-STM-IR in UHV machine

A new UHV machine has been installed in the main laboratory of ESISNA’s Group. The machine combines three powerful techniques: STM at room temperature (the STM apparatus recycled from old machine); LEED (with multichannel-plate especially suitable for studying molecular structures); and Infrared spectroscopy in reflexion combined with PEM spectroscopy. The system is divided in two independent chambers, one for evaporating and STM and the other for LEED and IR. The former one includes a sample manipulator cryostat (we expect to perform LEED and IR at 50 K).

Last experiment performed in November 2012

The old equipment, which was working from 1991 has been dismounted. The last experiment was performed by P. Merino on the growth of epitaxial graphene on Pt(111).


This is a video of the mounting

The project for the construction of the machine has lasted for 5 years. On 5th November we starting the mounting, and on 11th dicember we are working again on the new machine. Some important Credits: Jesus Sobrado: Global UHV design; Gary Ellis: design of the IR set-up. Gonzalo Otero, Irene Palacio and Paqui Lopez: Main mounting of the new machine. Javier Méndez: New crysostat manufactured by PREVAC; Maques: Mounting of the structure; Vacom: construction of the vacuum chambers.

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