4-aminophenol on Pt(111): adsorption and coupling

Recently, we have published a new work in a special issue of the Surface Science journal in Honour of Richard Lambert.

Adsorption and coupling of 4-aminophenol on Pt(111) surfacesSurf. Sci. 646 (2016) 5-12 by G.  Otero-Irurueta, J.I. Martínez, R.A. Bueno, F.J. Palomares, H.J. Salavagione, M.K. Singh, J. Méndez, G.J. Ellis, M.F. López and J.A. Martín-Gago.

In that work, with the help of a synergistic combination of surface science techniques an ab-initio calculations, we reported on the adsorption of aminophenol (4-AP) molecules under ultra-high vacuum(UHV) conditions on Pt(111). Furthermore, the changes induced by temperature were also discussed. Upon heating 4-AP lost the O atoms while the amino groups were partially dehydrogenated. The resulting molecules reorganized on the platinum surface by forming more complex molecular structures.



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