Surface Science

Research lines

– On-surface synthesis. We search for new strategies to interlink molecular bulding-blocks on different surfaces by tuning up the adsorbate-substrate interaction.

– Low-dimensional materials. We aim at looking for new reduced dimensionality structures with upstanding electronic properties. Graphene, transition metal dichalcogenides, polymeric chains or networks, carbonaceous 2D membranes…

– Organics on oxide surfaces. We aim at understanding the assembly of organic layers in dielectric surfaces and the structure on new metal-organic networks of variable dimensionality.

– Advanced nanoparticles. We generate nanoparticles by a gas-phase aggregation by means of  multiple ion cluster source, for the generation of complex, ultra-pure nanoparticles made of different materials.

– Supra-molecular nanostructures. By controlling the amount of co-deposited metallic and molecular adsorbates and the role of the surface we tailor the dimensionality of supra-molecular nanostructures. From molecular chains to organic nanodots  and two‐dimensional self‐assembled molecular layer. 

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