Visit to Prádena at December 2017


Mini-workshop with 2015 IEEE Magnetics Society Distinguished Lecturers Russell Cowburn (Cavendish Lab. UK) and Ludwig Scultz (IFW, Dresden), hold at ICMM/CSIC on Tuesday September 8th.
Christmas meeting in Patones de Arriba,  Madrid (December 9th, 2015).
Christmas meeting in Ananias, centre of Madrid (December 11th, 2014).
ANANIAS sin ojos rojos
Prof. Tim St. Pierre from the University of Western Australia visits the group in May 2014.
TStPierre 3
Meeting in Chinchón (October 2013) on the left and Christmas meeting (December 2013) on the right.
Prof. McHenry from Carnegie Mellon, visits the group in June 2013 on the left, and Prof. R. Schaffer from IFW, Dresden, visits the group in September 2013 on the right.


Prof. A. Safronov and Dr. I. Beketov from Urals Federal University, Ekaterinburg, visit the group in April 2013.
Excursion by Pedraza (December 2012).
Prof. M.Yamaguchi  from Tohoku Univesity, Sendai, visits the group in April 2012.
Prof. M.Futamoto from Chuo Univesity ,Tokyo, visits the group in November 2012.
MAT Project meeting 2011 in Salamanca (October 2011 ) on the left and Meeting National Project in Oviedo (November 2011) on the right.
Meeting Salamanca#
Dr. O. Kazakova from National Physics Lab. in Teddington, visits the group in July 2011
Prof. R. Cowburn from National Cavendish Physics Lab., visits the group in June 2011
German´s PhD defense (December 2010).
Alfredo’s birthday, Cantoblanco campus (April 27th, 2010)
Winter meeting in Valsaín, Segovia (February 19th, 2010)
Christmas meeting in Cava Baja, Madrid downtown (December 16th, 2009)
Christmas meeting in El Escorial (December, 2008)
INTERMAG 08 (May 4 – May 8, 2008), sharing a toast with the Spanish Minister of Science and Innovation and the Nobel Awaded Peter Grünberg and Albert Fert.