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  • Berganza, E., Marqués-Marchán, J., Bran, C., Vazquez, M., Asenjo, A., Jaafar, M.
    Evidence of skyrmion-tube mediated magnetization reversal in modulated nanowires (2021) Materials, 14 (19), art. no. 5671, .
    DOI: 10.3390/ma14195671
  • Andersen, I.M., Wolf, D., Rodriguez, L.A., Lubk, A., Oliveros, D., Bran, C., Niermann, T., Rößler, U.K., Vazquez, M., Gatel, C., Snoeck, E. Field tunable three-dimensional magnetic nanotextures in cobalt-nickel nanowires (2021) Physical Review Research, 3 (3), art. no. 033085, . DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.3.033085
  • Jiménez, A., Calle, E., Fernandez-Roldan, J.A., del Real, R.P., Varga, R., Vázquez, M. Matteucci Effect and Single Domain Wall Propagation in Bistable Microwire under Applied Torsion (2021) Physica Status Solidi (A) Applications and Materials Science, 218 (18), art. no. 2100284, . DOI: 10.1002/pssa.202100284
  • Bran, C., Saugar, E., Fernandez-Roldan, J.A., Del Real, R.P., Asenjo, A., Aballe, L., Foerster, M., Fraile Rodríguez, A., Palmero, E.M., Vazquez, M., Chubykalo-Fesenko, O. Stochastic vs. deterministic magnetic coding in designed cylindrical nanowires for 3D magnetic networks (2021) Nanoscale, 13 (29), pp. 12587-12593. DOI: 10.1039/d1nr02337c
  • Wang, J., Strungaru, M., Ruta, S., Meo, A., Zhou, Y., Deák, A., Szunyogh, L., Gavriloaea, P.-I., Moreno, R., Chubykalo-Fesenko, O., Wu, J., Xu, Y., Evans, R.F.L., Chantrell, R.W. Spontaneous creation and annihilation dynamics of magnetic skyrmions at elevated temperature (2021) Physical Review B, 104 (5), art. no. 054420, . DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevB.104.054420
  • Riveros, A., Tejo, F., Escrig, J., Guslienko, K.Y., Chubykalo-Fesenko, O. Field-Dependent Energy Barriers of Magnetic Neel Skyrmions in Ultrathin Circular Nanodots (2021) Physical Review Applied, 16 (1), art. no. 014068, . DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevApplied.16.014068
  • Bittencourt, G.H.R., Moreno, R., Cacilhas, R., Castillo-Sepúlveda, S., Chubykalo-Fesenko, O., Altbir, D., Carvalho-Santos, V.L. Curvature-induced emergence of a second critical field for domain wall dynamics in bent nanostripes (2021) Applied Physics Letters, 118 (14), art. no. 142405, . DOI: 10.1063/5.0046848
  • Moreno, J.A., Bran, C., Vazquez, M., Kosel, J. Cylindrical Magnetic Nanowires Applications (2021) IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 57 (4), art. no. 9339966, . DOI: 10.1109/TMAG.2021.3055338