Ordered nanowire, nanotube & dot arrays

Magnetization process studies of arrays of magnetic nanowires are being performed on single magnetic nanowires (Ni, FeNi, Fe and Co), and on arrays of multilayer Co/Cu magnetic nanowires. Investigation was firstly focused on their magnetization reversal process and the role played by the magnetostatic interactions between nanowires which depend on their geometrical arrangement determined by the geometrical parameters as ratio diameter to hexagonal lattice constant, or ordering degree. Such interactions were first modelled considering dipolar interactions, and later generalized to multipolar interactions.

Particularly, changes in the magnetization easy axis observed when measuring temperature is modified are ascribed to modification of magnetoelastic anisotropy due to mechanical stresses appearing from the different thermal expansion of metallic wires and oxide matrix. In addition, relevant surface effect and change of Young modulus are experimentally reported and theoretically explained.

Studies on the micromagnetics of the reversal process are also addressed.

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