New patent

“Magnetic microwires for energy-transporting biomedical applications”

US Patent Application Pub.No. US 2021/0101016 A1; Northeastern University, Boston and CSIC

Inventors: L.H. Lewis, R. P. del Real, M. Vazquez Villalabeitia and A.N. Koppes

Methods and devices including amorphous magnetic microwires are provided for biomedical energy transfer for diagnosis or therapy, to promote cellular growth, or to deliver pharmaceutical agents. Applications of the technology include sensors, actuators and therapeutic coatings and for increasing the amount, directionally, or length of nerve growth. The technology can also be utilized for nerve regeneration, hyperthermic treatment of tumors, vascular theranostics, probing and stimulating a nerve, sensing a biological condition, catheterization and micro-actuation.

This patent application is the result of a continuous collaboration of our GNMP group with the Northeastern University of Boston.

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