Sensing elements

Several studies have been performed looking for thechnological applications profiting of the outstanding magnetic properties of single and biphase magnetic microwires. Among them we should mention:

– Multifunctional (temperature, tensile & bending stresses) sensor based on biphase magnetic microwires making use of the interactions between phases in biphase magnetic wires (PCT patent).

– Developping of novel family of magnetic micro and submicron microwires with giant magnetoimpedance effect for incorporating to CMOS circuit (Project Aichi Steels, Corp., Japan)

– Ferromagnetic shape memory alloys in the shape of wire prepared by quenching and drawing technique (PCT patent).

– Amorphous wires prepared by quenching into water as sensing elements for flux-gate sensors (Contract Quantec geotec., Canada).

– Helical magnetic anisotropy induced in multilayer biphase microwires for sensing elements in orthogonal flux-gate sensor devices (PCT patent).

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