Magnetic particles & polymers

Magnetic studies have been performed on the preparation and magnetic properties of different core/shell metallic nanoparticles, particularly Co and CoNi, and FePt.

Studies have been extended to profit of the experience gained in the preparation of ordered alumina membranes. In this regard, various successful attempts were performed to prepare ordered composite magnetic polymers (i.e., PVC), by filling the pores of such membranes with mentioned nanoparticles.

In parallel, the ordering induced by anodization in aluminium disks has been used, combined with suitable replica/antireplica and sputtering processing, to prepare hexagonally nanostructured magnetic Co films onto polymer. Subsequently, magnetic studies have been performed on their anisotropic behaviour and the observed exchange bias coupling with existing oxides.

Very recently, novel studies on magnetite nanoparticles have been started in connection with their functionality for applications in oncology treatments. It has been observed a dependence of the Verwey transition temperature in nanoparticles with magnetite/maghemite core/shell structure. This study is supported by an international project by the European Communities.

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