Cylindrical nanowire arrays; review article

“Cylindrical nanowire arrays: From advanced fabrication to static and microwave magnetic properties”

Manuel Vazquez

Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 543 (2022) 168634


This article reviews information on arrays of cylindrical magnetic nanowires grown electrochemically inside ordered nanoporous alumina membranes, summarizing some of the most relevant aspects about the advanced synthesis and […]

New article

“Narrow Segment Driven Multistep Magnetization Reversal Process in Sharp Diameter Modulated Fe67Co33 Nanowires”


Javier García, Jose A. Fernández-Roldán, Roque González, Miguel Méndez, Cristina Bran, Víctor Vega, Silvia González, Manuel Vázquez and Víctor M. Prida


Nanomaterials 11 (2021) 3077.


An interesting pathway to affect the dynamics of the magnetization reversal in […]

New article

“Controlling devitrification in the FeSiB system without alloying additions”

X. Zhang, R. Perez del Real, M. Vazquez, W. Liang, J. Mesa, A. Jimenez and L.H. Lewis

Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids 576 (2022) 121277


Efficient electric machines require soft magnetic materials with superior properties. Here, significant differences in the primary devitrification process and […]

New article

“Nanoimprinted and Anodized Templates for Large-Scale and Low-Cost Nanopatterning”

David Navas, David G. Trabada and Manuel Vázquez

Nanomaterials 11 (2021) 3430.


This work reports on an easy route for nanopatterning making use of ordered porous templates with geometries ranging from straight lines to square, triangular or rhombohedral lattices, for the designed growth […]