New Technological Project

“Microhilos Magnéticos para Sensores Magnetoelásticos”

A contract of Technological Support has been signed with the Universidad Pública de Navarra (Prof. J.I. Pérez de Landazábal) concerning the development of magnetic microwires as sensing elements for magnetoelastic sensors (2021). The project is supervised by M. Vazquez.

New technological project

Magnetic Microwire Research Project

A contract has been signed with the company Bartington Instrument Ltd., United Kingdom, to develop technologically advanced magnetic microwires (2021-2022). The project is supervised by M. Vazquez and R.P del Real.

New patent

“Magnetic microwires for energy-transporting biomedical applications”

US Patent Application Pub.No. US 2021/0101016 A1; Northeastern University, Boston and CSIC

Inventors: L.H. Lewis, R. P. del Real, M. Vazquez Villalabeitia and A.N. Koppes

Methods and devices including amorphous magnetic microwires are provided for biomedical energy transfer for diagnosis or therapy, to promote cellular growth, or to deliver […]

New article

“Evidence of Skyrmion-Tube Mediated Magnetization Reversal in Modulated Nanowires”

E. Berganza, J. Marqués-Marchán, C. Bran, M. Vazquez, A. Asenjo and M. Jaafar

 Materials 14 (2021) 5671


Magnetic nanowires, as individual building blocks for spintronic devices, constitute a well-suited model to design and study magnetization reversal processes, or to tackle fundamental questions, as the […]